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Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment Statement 2018


Moneenroe National School

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In accordance with section 11 of the Children First Act 2015 and the requirement of Chapter 8 of the Child Protection Procedures for Primary Schools 2017, the following is the Written Risk Assessment of Moneenroe National School.


1. List of School Activities.


• Inappropriate yard behaviour at break (1)

• Unknown people and environments at school excursions (2)

• Physical education (3)

• GAA training within school hours (4)

• Rugby Coaching within school hours (5)

• Using the stage in the Community Hall (6)

• Dismissal of pupils at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m (7)

• Student teachers / work experience candidates (8)

• Children arriving to school too early – before 9.05 a.m (9)

• Use of computers and ICT (10)

• Swimming (11)

• Children returning  to school after 3 p.m without parent/guardian (12)

• Transport to matches, quizzes, etc after school hours. (13)

• After school events (14)


2. The school has identified the following risk of harm in respect of its activities.


• Inappropriate behaviour on yard at break leads to accidents, falls and misunderstandings- all of which the school would prefer not to exist (1)

• The school does not have prior knowledge of all people who walk through the playground and all staff who engage with children during school excursions (2)

• If pupils do not respect boundaries and rules during P.E they are putting both themselves and others at risk of harm and misunderstanding (3)

• Without correct equipment, children are more susceptible and at risk of harm during in-school GAA coaching (4)

• If pupils do not adhere to rules and boundaries set out by Garda vetted rugby coaching during Tag Rugby sessions, they are putting both themselves and others at risk of harm (5).

• If pupils do not walk to and from the hall and when using steps on stage and if pupils do not exit stage correctly – they are putting both themselves and others at risk of harm (6)

• If pupils do not exit school in an orderly responsible manner at 2 p.m and 3 p.m, there is increased likelihood of an accident on road in front of school (7).

• If work experience candidates and student teachers do not enter the school with correct mindset – they may expose children to unwanted example and bad role models (8).

• If children arrive at school too early – they will be unsupervised and more susceptible to risk and harm (9)

• Unwanted happenings and irresponsible supervision with regards ICT and internet outside of school hours can lead to problems both inside and outside of school (10)

• Entering and exiting a bus, changing rooms, new personnel instructing and interacting with children from other schools (11)

• Staff being put in isolated situation (12)

• Children travelling to after-school events with adults they are not familiar with (13)

• During after-school events in the hall, sports pitch, etc., the school staff do not have complete control about/over what pupils/children will be exposed to and who will be in attendance (14).


3. The School has the following procedures in place to address the risks of harm identified in this assessment.


• Pupils will receive daily reminders about expected behaviour on yard between exiting for breaks from class teachers.

• Pupils will receive reminders about expected behaviour during Assembly by school principal.

• All staff on the yard during yard supervision will behave proactively to enforce walking area rules, hands down rules, not sitting on wall rules, no exiting school grounds rules and silence in lines at end of break time.

• Children who do not respect boundaries and rules and instruction during in-school GAA coaching, rugby coaching and P.E will be withdrawn from lessons for the safety of all.

• Children who do not abide by necessary Hall rules will be withdrawn from Hall visits for the safety of all.

• Teachers will lead their class to the door at 3 p.m slowly and orderly and encourage correct responsible use of the road.  A designated teacher will be present at the school door between 3.00 and 3.10 p.m to supervise children whose parents arrive late for collection.

• Student teachers and work experience candidates who want to avail of work experience in our school will be asked to submit letter to the school outlining what they hope to achieve during their work experience.

• Parents will be made aware of expected yard behaviour at Parent/Teacher meetings by class teachers and at Parents Committee meetings by principal teacher or post holder where necessary.

• If one child wishes to return to the school after 3 p.m to get something they have forgotten, they must come back befoe3.30 p.m and be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

• The school will send out regular reminders of the time pre-school supervision is in effect so as to eliminate pupils arriving too early.

• The school will organise an annual ICT Internet Safety talk for pupils from 3rd to 6th classes to help inform pupils and parents on correct ICT usage.

• All school personnel are provided with our Child Protection Policy and Child Safeguarding Statement.

• The Child Protection Procedure for Primary Schools 2017 are made available to all school personnel.

• School personnel are required to adhere to Child Protection Procedures for Primary Schools 2017 and the children’s First Act 2015.

• The school implements the Stay Safe Programme.

• The school implements the SPHE curriculum.

• The school has an Anti-Bullying Policy.

• The School has a Health & Safety Policy.

• The school adheres to the requirement of Garda Vetting legislation.

• The school complies with the agreed disciplinary procedures for teaching staff.

• The school has proactive management who embed a culture of child safety in the whole school community.

• The school has an SEN Policy.

• Our school in so far as is possible will send four staff to help with swimming and all it involves.

• The school has Care Plans in respect of students who require such care.

• All school staff work proactively to establish what is necessary for child safety before bringing pupils on school excursions and outings.

• The school encourages staff to avail of relevant training.

• Board of Management members are encouraged to avail of relevant training.

• The school has in place a Code of Behaviour for pupils.

• The school has in place a Mobile Phone Policy.

• 100% responsibility lies with parents/guardians to organise how and who their child/children travel to after school events with. Transport must be organised in advance by parents/guardians.

• In as much as it is possible, school events (sports, drama, shows, etc) will take place during school hours for the purpose of Child Protection and help staff organising events.


In undertaking this risk assessment, the Board of Management has endeavoured to identify as far as possible the risks of harm that are relevant to this school and to ensure that adequate procedures are in place to manage all risks identified.  While it is not possible to foresee and remove all risk or harm, the school has in place the procedures listed in this risk assessment to manage and reduce risk to the greatest possible extent.


This risk assessment has been completed by the Board of Management on the 31st January 2018.  It will be reviewed as part of the school’s annual review of its Child Safeguarding Statement.




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