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Moneenroe National School is committed to utilising its staff and resources to their optimum potential so as to cater as best we can for the needs of pupils who have epilepsy, keeping them safe, ensuring they achieve to their full potential and are fully included in school life.  We will do this by:


• Applying to the NCSE and SENO for SNA Support as necessary for children who have epilepsy.

• Keeping careful records of changes in behaviour levels of achievement to identify pupils who are not achieving to their full potential.

• Tackling any problems early.

• Ensuring that all pupils with epilepsy are fully included in school life and are not isolated or stigmatised in conjunction with our Health & Safety Policy.

• Making necessary adjustments, e.g., supervision, exam timings and SEN timetables.

• Liaising fully with Parents and Health Professionals.

• Ensuring that staff are epilepsy aware and know what to do If a pupil has a seizure.

• Administer the required medication in conjunction with our Administration of Medicine Policy.

• Developing Care Plans for all pupils with Epilepsy.

• Raising awareness of Epilepsy across the whole school community, including pupils, staff and parents.




This Epilepsy Policy was constructed after communicating with Epilepsy Ireland, Young Epilepsy, School Staff, parents of children with Epilepsy and the Board of Management.







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Chairperson – Board of Management



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