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Healthy Lunch Policy

Our School operates a healthy lunch policy. It is important that children have a good breakfast before coming to school. Lunch also is very important meal for school going children. We encourage parents to implement this healthy lunch policy from the first day your child starts school. Please include a small healthy snack for there 11 o'clock break also.


Parents/guardians are encouraged to provide children with a healthy lunch. A healthy lunch should include a variety of foods from the bottom four shelves of the Food Pyramid.

These are:

Carbohydrates: Bread/Bread Roll, Pasta, Rice...

Fruit/Vegetables: Apple, orange, pear, melon, banana, kiwi, cherries, grapes, plums, peaches, raisins and sultanas etc.,

Vegetables e.g. Carrot sticks, pieces of broccoli, peppers, cucumbers, etc.

Calcium: Milk, cheese (beware of processed cheese) and yoghurts (check ingredients for added sugar, sweeteners, colourings, etc)

Protein: Meat, chicken, pork, beef, bacon, fish e.g. tuna, eggs.


Food that are not allowed



Fizzy drinks

Chewing gum

Cans and glass drink bottles.


Treat Days

On treat days children will be allowed one treat. This is optional

Treat days will be:


End of term days

School trips and special events.

A suitable treat would be a fun-sized bar, bun, scone, slice of cake/tart, biscuit, popcorn.



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