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Maths Powerpoints


1A. 3D Shapes

1B. 2D Shapes

1C 3D Shapes

2D Shapes Show

2D Shapes revision

2 Stage machines

3D Shapes Year 4

3rd Class weight

5 Frogs

5 Little Speckled Frogs

10 Green Bottles

100 Square Cover up

Add Story problems

Add to 1

Adding 3 Numbers sums

Adding either order

Adding 3 Numbers

Addition calculation strategies Year 1

Addition Facts

Addition using partitioning

Angles 1

Angles straight line




Balloons 2

Basic Adding

Bingo 3


Bridging through 10

Bridging project 1

Calculating Perimeters

Capacity Powerpoint

Capacity: Who wants to be a Millionaire


Carroll Diagram Errors

Challenge Long

Challenge Moates

Classifying Polygons

Clock Template

Clock digital & Analogue

Co Ordinates

Column Additon rules

Converting Units

Co Ordinate Geometry

Co Ordinates in all four quadrants

Co Ordinates RS

Co Ordinates Y3 Y4

Co Ordinates

Co Ordinates 2

Countdown - number target

Counting Stick

Counting on

Counting to Ten

Counting Game

Creating Multi step word problems

Currant Buns

Data Handling

Days of the week RM

Decimal Fractions Year 5


Decimal place

Describing Position

Different Types of Triangles

Direction & Angle

Disappearing Man

Dissolving Numbers

Divisibility rules

Divide 10

Division by 7

Division by 8

Double Numbers

Egyptian Multiplication

Estimating Year 1

Fingers 1

Fingers 2

Fingers 3

Fingers 4

Fingers addition

Fingers subtract

Five Monkeys Final


Fractions - Powerpoint

Fractions of Numbers Problems

Fractions of Numbers

Fractions & Division


Grade 5 math game


Half past times

Handling Data


Horizontal Addition

Hot Choc problem

How to find the area of a rectangle v2

How to tell the time

In the spotlight


Isosceles Triangles

JR u6a Summer Handling Data

JR u6b Summer Solving Problems day 1

JR u6b Summer Solving Problems day 2

JR u10 Summer Measures day 2

JR u11 Summer addition day 1

Line Symmetry Y3

Line Symmetry Y4

Line Symmetry Y5

Line Symmetry

Line Basics

Lines of Symmetry

Magic Squares Year 2

Magnetic Fish game

Making 2 Digit Numbers

Making Numbers

Making 10 2

Making 10

Making 11

Mathematics Division

Maths Autumn Unit 6a Handling Data

Maths Fractions

Maths Powerpoint

Maths Detectives


Measurement & Time problems

Measures Litre ml

Measures Y5

Measuring Nearest half cm mm

Measuring Length cm m

Mental Addition Beyond

Mental Addition tu tu

Millionaire Length conversion


Missing Angles


Months of the Year

More Shapes

More Less sums

More or less

More & Less 1

More & Less 2

Mr Big Addition


Multiplication & Division

Multiplication Division Year 6

Multiplication problems 1


N1 Place Value

N2 Place Value Make Me

N2 Place Value

N3 Multiplication & Division

N4 Table Timer

N5 All Wrong

N5 Multiplication & Division Open the Box

N6 Multiplication Make Me

N7 Codes

N7 Table Timer Fractions & Decimals

N8 Missing Numbers

N9 Grid Fractions

N9 Ordering Fractions

N10 Open the Box Addition

N11 Codes

N12 All Wrong

N12 Missing Numbers Subtraction

N13 Open the Box Properties of Number - divide by 3, 9, 18

N13 Open the Box Properties of Number

N15 Target Numbers Addition & Multiplying

N17 Target Numbers Addition & Multiplying 2

N18 Missing Numbers Multiplication

N18 Multiplication

N19 All Wrong Division

N19 Codes Multiplication to 10

N20 Division Open the box

N21 Fractions & Decimals Mixed Fractions

N21 All Wrong Mixed Fractions

N22 Fractions to Decimal

N23 Target Numbers Addition & Subtraction

N23 Addition Subtraction

N24 Missing Numbers

N24 Missing Numbers (subtraction)



N24 Table Timer addition & Subtraction

N24 Table Timer

N25 All Wrong Subtraction

N25 All Wrong Subtraction 2

N26 Adding to Decimals to Next whole No.

N26 Codes Addition Subtraction

N27 Properties of Number

N28 Adding & Subtraction

N29 Adding Negative Numbers

N29 All Wrong addition of Positive & Negative No

N34 Halving

N38 Ratio & Proportion

Narnia Position Direction

Negative Numbers

Neg Numbers

No Bonds New

Norwood Number bonds to 10

Number Find Game

Number bonds to 10 Party hats

Number bonds to 10

Number Puzzles

Number 6-10

Number Blast addition

Number Bonds to 10 SP

Number Bonds to 10

Number Bonds to 20

Number line Strategies Counting Up

Number 0 to 5

Numbers 0 to 10

Number to 10

Number to 20

Number 0-10 in order

Numbers 0-10 not in order

Numbers 0-20 in order

Numbers 0-20 not in order


Numbers that make 10

Numeracy resources KS1

Numeracy resources KS2

Numeracy Name the shape

Ordering Numbers Juniors

Pairs that make 10



Partitioning 2


Percentages of Numbers Problems

Perc of Numbers Problems

Perimeter & Area


Pie Charts

Place Value Year 4

Place Value Year 5

Place Values in Large Numbers

Powerpoint ICT

Presentation Problem Solving 1

Presentation Problem Solving 2

Problem Solving 1

Problem Solving 2

Problem Solving 3

Problem Solving 4

Professor and Pete

Properties of 2D & 3D Shapes

Pudsey Pictograms

Quadrilateral Investigation

Quadrilateral Diagonals


Quiz 2D Shapes

Quiz Angles

Quiz Complements 100

Quiz Farmer problems 1

Quiz Framer problems 2

Quiz Framer problems 3

Quiz Number bonds to 20

Quiz Simple angles

Quiz types of graph

Raceway chappell

Ratio & Proportion Year 5

Reception add one more

Recognise lines of symmetry

Recount 2

Revealing numbers

Right angles

Rotational Symmetry


Shape & Space Year 3

Shapes Detectives

Shapes Juniors

Short or Tall

Simple Repeating Patterns 1a

Simple Repeating Patterns 1b

Simple Repeating Patterns 2a

Simple Repeating Patterns 2b

Simple Repeating Patterns 3a

Simple Repeating Patterns 3b

Simple Repeating Patterns 4a

Simple Repeating Patterns 4b

Solving Equations

Solving real life problems

Square Root Cube


Squares 2

Subtract by add

Subtraction Juniors

Subtraction Counting on

Subtraction from 10

Subtraction powerpoint

Subtraction Counting on


Subtraction problem

Symmetrical patterns

Target 10

Target Year 1 & 2

Teddy Bear Subtraction

Teddy Bears

Ten Bricks


Tessellation 2

The Shape Show

Think of a number

This Little Fishy

Three Little Pigs

Time Quiz

Time Digital

Time for Bed Ted

Time Problems


Time Game Hours


Times Tables

Toy Box


Two Little Dickie Birds

Two Little Fishes

Types of Angles

Types of Lines

Units for Measuring

Using a Protractor


Weight: Who wants to be a millionaire

What 2d Shape am I

Whats Missing

Whats the time Mr Wolf

Whats the Weight


Which Sign

Win Big Barbee

Win Big Strange

Word Problems Y5

Word probs 1

Word probs 2

Word probs 3

Work Sheets

Wrong Subtraction

x problems


Y3 problem solving


Y4 add sub word probs

Y4 length word probs

Y5 la add and sub

Y5 U2 problem Solving










Y6 Word Problems

Year 6 1 Spring Percentages reductions

Year 6 1 Spring Percentages special offers

Yr5 Unit 11 term 1 Addition and Subtraction Combined

Yr5 Unit 9 term 1 Measures Combined



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