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Opening Hours


9.20 am - 2.00pm                       Junior and Senior Infants


9.20 am - 3.00pm                       1st Class to 6th Class



School Office Hours:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Absence From School

The National Education Welfare Board was established some years ago to support school attendance and follow up on children who are not attending school regularly. Under the Education Welfare Act 2000, schools must report any children who are absent fro more than 20 days in a school year. As a parent, you must let the school know in writing if your child is absent and give the reason why.


If a child has to go home early (which should be an exception, rather than a rule) written consent is necessary. Parents must sign the child out stating the time of leaving the school and enter the time they arrive back if the pupil returns to school.


If a child too sick to go to the yard he/she is too sick to come to school. Exceptions are made in the case of ongoing or chronic illness and limb injuries. Otherwise all children are expected to go to the yard as it is a vital part of social interaction.


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